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5 Advanced Tools for Successful Keyword Research

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This tool tells the SEO expert about the keywords used by visitors from a multinational background. The expert comes to know about different types of keyword data for competitors and your own site. They analyze the information and get long-tail keywords to optimize your site. The best thing about SEMrush is that you get to know which keyword is used most to visit your site; who are your primary rivals and what results you get from which keyword.

 LongTail Pro
Did you know that this tool is available free for the first ten days? You can learn about the competitiveness of a keyword with the help of this tool. LongTail Pro goes through all relevant data and metrics before offering results from marked from zero to hundred. If the result is zero, it means that there is no completion, but if the score is 100, it means that there is immense competition for a particular keyword.

 Google Adwords: Keyword Planner
This is probably the oldest way to generate keywords for a business. SEO experts enter a few terms and the planner comes up with keyword suggestions along with an account of how difficult it is to rank a keyword.

When a searcher enters a word into Google, the search offers you a series of suggestions. Let us consider that a searcher enters the term ‘lake.’ Google immediately offers a chain of long-tail keywords. However, there is a problem with this approach. The auto-complete results show only those keywords which start with the word entered by the searcher. In order to see other related long-tail keywords, the searcher has to scroll to the bottom of the page and find for related keywords under the heading Related Searches.
This tool can analyze till two hundred keywords every sixty seconds. The average keyword analyzing tool can complete one keyword’s analysis in one minute. Thus, you can well imagine that SECockpit gives tough competition to its contemporaries as far as speed is concerned. SEO professionals can also see the top 10 websites for a specific search term on Google. The professional may also scrape keywords suggested by Google.
Answer the Public
This tool uses your keywords and combines them with prepositions to present some keywords. You can avail the suggestions in the form of a list or even a wheel. The tool offers keyword suggestions based on questions. This means that the keywords start with question words like, why, how, what, which, etc.
Google wants your content and advertisements to answer the queries people have. With answers to popular questions, you can easily bag the position you have been yearning for.