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Training on WordPress

Training on WordPress

wordpress training in uttara dhaka bangladesh
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Course Module:

  • WordPress Basic Information

    • What is CMS?
    • Types of CMS?
    • What is WordPress and Advantages?
    • Why WordPress is popular CMS on Internet?
    • About WordPress official websites and Help
    • How to create free WordPress Blog?
    • Why Google likes WordPress web sites?
  • Basics of the WordPress User Interface

    • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
    • Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
    • Core WordPress Settings
  • WordPress Content Management

    • Organizing Posts
    • Creating a Post
    • Inserting & Formatting Text
    • Inserting Images, Audio and Video
    • Managing Content
  • WordPress Additional Types of Content

    • Listing Links
    • Adding Pages
    • Moderating Comments
  • Controlling WordPress Blog

    • Users
    • Tools
    • Settings
  • Using WordPress as a Content Management System

    • Creating a Static Page
    • Uploading and Displaying Photos and Galleries
    • Inserting Video Files into Your Blog Posts
    • Inserting Audio Files into Your Blog Posts
    • Keeping Media Files Organized
    • Understanding Custom Fields
    • Working with Custom Fields
    • Creating Different Page Views Using WordPress Templates
    • Creating a Template for Each Post Category
    • Creating Custom Styles for Sticky, Category, and Tag Posts
    • Optimizing Your WordPress Blog
  • Customizing WordPress Appearance

    • What is a Theme?
    • Finding & Installing Themes
    • Theme Settings
    • Widgets
    • Menus
  • Getting More Performance from WordPress

    • Post Via Email
    • Boost SEO Results (All-In-One SEO)
    • Test Website Performance
    • Speed Up Your Site (W3 Total Cache)
    • Creating a Social Media Listening Hub
    • Understanding Analytics
  • Exploring the Anatomy of a Theme

    • Examining the Default Theme
    • Finding and Installing WordPress Themes
    • Understanding What to Avoid with Free Themes
    • Exploring Premium Theme Options
    • Exploring Template Tags, Values, and Parameters
    • Creating New Widget Areas
    • Examining the Main Index and The Loop
    • Customizing Your Blog Posts with Template Tags
  • Using Adobe Photoshop

    • Basics of Photoshop.
    • Picture editing for web.
    • Colors & Gradient tool on Photoshop.
    • Image cropping.
    • Photoshop Layers.
    • Photoshop Layer Styles.
    • Photoshop Filters.
    • Photoshop Lasso tool.
    • Photoshop Magic Wand tool.
    • Photoshop different Brushes.
    • Photoshop Pen tool.
    • Photoshop Rectangle tool.
  • PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Slicing with Photoshop
    • Creating the blueprint
    • Breaking up the HTML
    • Styling the header
    • Styling the navigation menu
    • Styling the content area
    • Styling the footer area
    • Finishing the homepage
    • Styling a Static Page
    • Styling the Blog page
  • HTML to WordPress Conversion

    • Understanding how WordPress theme works
    • Introducing Template file structure
    • Breaking up the HTML
    • Building the header
    • Building the menu
    • Building the sidebar
    • Building Content Area ( WordPress Hooks, Loops, Filters)
    • Building the footer
    • Custom Homepage Template
    • Adding gallery to the homepage
    • Creating single blog post page
    • Implementing comments
    • Creating Contact Form
    • Working with custom fields
    • Working with custom type posts
  • Customizing WordPress Themes

    • Changing Your Background Graphic
    • Changing Your Header Graphic
    • Personalizing Your Theme with CSS
    • Understanding Basic HTML Techniques
    • Changing Basic Elements for a Unique Look
    • Understanding Parent and Child Themes
    • Customizing Theme Style with Child Themes
    • Modifying Theme Structure with Child Themes
    • Preparing a Parent Theme
  • Advance wordpresss

    • Introducing WordPress theme options
    • Install wordpress theme options
    • Customize
    • Log in page design
    • Facebook or third party log in addition
  • Using and Developing Plugins

    • Introducing WordPress Plugins
    • Evaluating Plugins before Installing
    • Installing and Managing Plugins
    • Configuring and Using Plugins
    • Using Widgets
    • Modifying Existing Plugin Code
    • Creating Simple Plugins from Scratch
    • Understanding Plugin Structure
    • Creating Your First Plugin
    • Fixing Problems
    • Filtering Content
    • Creating Shortcodes
    • Adding Widgets
    • Building a Settings Page
  • Setting Up Show with WordPress

    • Overview of WP e-Commerce
    • Configuring Your Store
    • Adding Products
  • Maintaining Your WordPress Website

    • Comment Spam
    • Backups
    • Security & Updates
  • ProjectS

    • Make a CMS
    • Make Grading system
    • Make a website


Training Objectives :

  1. Introduction to Web Technologies
  2. Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
  3. Students, who want to make their career in Website Designing.
  4. Individuals, who want to work from home at their free time on web designing.
  5. Photoshop & Graphic Designers.
  6. Mobile App Designers & Developers.
  7. Website Developers & Application Builders.
  8. Search Engine and Social Media professionals.


Who should attend WordPress Theme Development Training :

  1. Learn from Experienced Web Designers.
  2. Professional Website Designing Training.
  3. Industry designed Website Designing course content.
  4. Start learning from the very fundamentals of Web Designing.
  5. Build expertise on advanced Responsive Web Designing.
  6. No batch system. We value Quality more than Quantity.
  7. Affordable Web Designing course fees in Dhaka for all.
  8. All required Web Designing Tools & web designing training materials are provided at zero cost.
  9. Post training 100% Job Assistance.
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